Rise and shine, Mr Moyles, rise and shine.

*blows dust from blog*

Oh yeah... I have a blog, don't I? I'll hold my hands up - through a combination of university work, summer jobs and just being either generally busy or unmotivated, I've neglected to update this blog for quite some time. That needs to change, and it's changing now.

I've recently started my third year of university, and with that comes the ever-growing spectre of "THE BIG BAD WORLD OF WORK". I can't just be a perpetual student, as glorious as that might be. So, with a reignited passion for writing and with steely resolve, I'm setting forth on a blogging quest, in order to bolster my writing acumen and create a body of work for myself.

It's the end of September and I'm settled into a working routine, so I want to incorporate this blog into said working routine. I've given myself a bit of a posting schedule, which is very subject to change:

Monday: On Mondays, I'm planning to share with you something I've enjoyed or have been enjoying in my life in a weekly segment I'm tentatively naming "You Should..." wherein I'll command encourage you to watch, read, listen or play something I've loved. In fact, I'll be writing one of those tonight, so buckle in for that one!

Tuesday: Okay guys, confession time - I'm a massive pro wrestling fan. It's something I can just lose myself in for a few hours a week and unashamedly enjoy. I'm a bit harder to impress than when I was a kid so every week I'll be doing a write-up of WWE's Monday Night Raw which I'll originally be naming "The Raw Review". I'll be writing up the show segment by segment and grading them like some sort of wrestling schoolteacher. By all means, if you think pro wrestling is childish or a waste of your time, then don't read! But if you enjoy pro wrestling like I do or if you're curious as to what it's like, then please have a gander and join in the conversation.

Wednesday: Confession time number two - I'm also a massive video games fan.  So, every Wednesday in "Polygons and Pixels" I'll be reviewing a game I've been playing or have played recently. It might be a current release or it might be something from the 1980s - nevertheless, I'm relishing the opportunity to gush about games.

Thursday: Thursdays, I'll write about what I love to write about most - movies! Every Thursday I'll be reviewing a film I've seen recently. However, in a similar vein to the games reviews it might not always current releases I review. Being a poor student means that cinema trips come rarely, but I do have access to Netflix and the collective DVD libraries of myself and my flatmates, so it's not like I'm lacking for things to watch. Unsure whether to name this segment ("Reel Deal" crossed my mind, we'll see) but regardless - film reviews on Thursdays!

Friday: I'll be looking to wind down for the weekend, so Fridays will be a personal diary blog entry of sorts. By no means do I expect nor particularly care if anybody reads these, they're more for myself. I've never kept a journal in my twenty years on this blue ball and the idea of chronicling what could be the most eventful year of my life appeals to me. And who knows, maybe some sad acts will actually care about the trivialities of my life! So, in the timeless words of Mr. Jon Bon Jovi, it's "My Life" I'll be writing about come Fridays.

So there we are! I'll be taking weekends off to catch up on uni work and chill out somewhat, but this is my ambitious and likely to fail plan for this blog. From time to time I might forget to post one day or I may have prior arrangements that resulted in me missing a day, in which case I'd use the weekends to catch up with blogging. Once more into the breach we go...

- James

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